Fake Uggs, Cheap Uggs Outlet Sale "Fake Uggs actually cut prices, it said that some of the basic models and overseas only two or three hundred a difference." Yesterday, Tina foreign trade company in Hangzhou Tower just wandered, consider for their purchase winter outfit. UGG pricing strategy is beginning to come, obviously purchasing family who gave off a road.
"In fact, from mid-August price began, but then soon after the fall or winter, you can see the cargo is not much. Today, we the audience are new, and have done more or less price." Evening News reporters came to Hangzhou Tower UGG counter, the salesperson on the price of the product 11 to do a presentation, "Before this pair of slippers is selling 1,400 yuan, 980 yuan now, 30% cheaper. Bailey button original 2,000 yuan, 1,480 yuan at current prices . "
Money from Fake Uggs newspaper reporter learned that the price of products starting from this fall and winter, a total of 215 styles of price adjustment. Mainland China is the first battle of the pricing strategy of the whole category of Cheap Uggs products, core style is the focus of this price, which is the entry-level product offers much more.
"Shopping there is little advantage, because most classic post on a couple of hundred dollars. And there are a lot of purchasing risk, the domestic buy certainly genuine, easy flow, and sales are not a problem." UGG official says.
Last month, Fake Uggs announced its autumn series of new products from mid-July this year, prices began to enter the sale of the lineup, and the current price adjustment only for mainland China, the core starting point is to reduce the price adjustment global price gap.
UGG said the total of 215 entry-select product (covering the whole category of products) to participate in the price. "Our choice is in mainland China's most popular product lines." UGG said in a statement.
From the channel perspective, the price will be synchronized to the electricity supplier channels. Uggs Outlet official electricity supplier at the store sales channels will be synchronized with the line price (except special online promotion and online sales of goods specified).
UGG current official price of Mainland China and the United States official website of the price gap between the huge contrast to "Belle Miss Mao Yiti bow sheepskin snow boots" for example, China is priced at 2,200 yuan, but in the US for $ 205 (Uggs Sale ) can be purchased. But on the price specific amplitude, UGG not only represent different depending on the product and so on.